"Since we installed hotelServicePro 3 months ago, our service scores have increased by 40%! Our response to guest needs have improved greatly and communication across all departments is better than ever! I would recommend hotelServicePro to any hotel!"

Damion Briggs
General Manager
Hampton Inn Largo

"We installed hotelServicePro in all of our 4 properties. hotelServicePro has provided us a detailed program to take a proactive approach to maintaining our hotels and most importantly our guests! hotelServicePro makes it easy for me to manage all of our hotels from my office or home!"

Maritza Figueroa
General Manager
Quality Inn Orlando

"I've used several types of these programs over the years but hotelServicePro is a total package; from the ease of use, to the reports that are available, and even the MOD feature. We have been able to cut our response time for our guest needs in half which is a very important part of keeping them happy and coming back. It's become a total communication tool for our staff.  We use it for service calls and also for quick messages between staff members. We have also been able to do away with the paper service call tickets all together, because it is so easy to just stop by any computer at the hotel, put in a service recovery request and send it. The ability to complete a work order from a two way radio saves our staff a lot of time as well."

Jeff French
Chief Engineer
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Des Moines
Kinseth Hospitality

"I have been using hotelSalesPro for about four years as a user from the property level and now from the corporate level. As the VP of Sales & Marketing for HP Hotels, I can still say it is one of the most efficient systems that I have ever worked with in managing the sales effort. As for the training and support, the team at hotelSystemsPro do an exceptional job and are very good to their hotel partners when flexibility is needed."

Wendy Miranda
Vice President Sales & Marketing
HP Hotels Inc.
17 hotels on hotelSalesPro

"Our company has multiple hotels in four states, and we've been using hotelSalesPro for three years now. It is an excellent product in terms of ease of use and reporting features, and the technical support given by the hotelSalesPro team is unsurpassed by any other system I've worked with in my hospitality sales career."

Sunny Carr
Associate Director of Sales
Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville
Hulsing Hotels
8 hotels on hotelSalesPro

"hotelSalesPro allows us to have universal reporting across all brands in our portfolio. Being able to access these reports on all properties at any given time has made things so much easier for us at the management level. It minimizes reporting time from the hotels since pacing/activity reporting is at my fingertips - allowing more selling time for those on property. It is a great program that has a multitude of tools that allow our sales teams to be more productive."

Carolee Ettline
Senior Director of Field Sales
Crestline Hotels & Resorts
16 hotels on hotelSalesPro

"Over the last 9 years, hotelSalesPro has been a true technology partner. From setup, to training, to reporting, hotelSalesPro has made every effort to meet all of my needs."

Linda Stone
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing
Kinseth Hospitality
21 hotels using hotelSalesPro

"In the 4 years that we have used hotelSalesPro, the server has not been down once! But just as important, hotelSalesPro comes with first class training and support. When we are in a bind, or need immediate assistance, hotelSalesPro has always been there for us."

Chuck Testa
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing
Buffalo Lodging Associates
33 hotels on hotelSalesPro

"hotelSalesPro has literally shed hours off my week. It allows me the time to get our there and do more selling! Their tag line says it all, “The Power To Sell More!”. I’ve told all of my friends in the industry about hotelSalesPro."

Danny Clougherty
Director of Catering
Wyndham Midtown Atlanta

"hotelSalesPro is installed at 100% of our hotels! As Vice President Of Sales & Marketing I have been extremely impressed with all your programs, training opportunities and overall services. Our property Directors Of Sales/Marketing and General Managers are very pleased with all aspects of the hotelSalesPro system. I personally would not know what to do without hotelSalesPro "Enterprise". I review multiple reports daily/weekly and have been able to better serve our company in every aspect of multi-unit management, support, sales training and providing resources. To have daily action, productivity and booking results at my finger tips anywhere in the United States is incredible and convenient. hotelSalesPro provides us the advantage of reviewing and analyzing leading indicators vs. lagging indicators which allows us to speed up all processes of account management and daily sales associate planning. With every new hotel purchase Hospitality Ventures plans to add hotelSalesPro to its arsenal of sales weapons. Thanks for developing an effective, cost efficient, user friendly product."

Roger Miller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Hospitality Ventures
19 hotels on hotelSalesPro